Snowy Owl • Archival inkjet REPRODUCTION

This is a REPRODUCTION of my original Snowy Owl print (see description below). All reproductions are made with archival inks and paper, from a high-quality scan.


Paper measures 11" x 14"
Printed on 100lb paper (acid-free)  paper

Of all the owls in my area, Snowy Owls seems to be the most magical. Even before a certain book series came along, these stark, silent creatures have been captivating our minds. I'm so intrigued by how well they are able to blend into their surroundings, even when out in the open fields during the daylight hours. 

As I was working on this print, I was struggling a bit with what text I wanted to add. The night before I was supposed to head back to the print shop to finish it up, I came across the Mary Oliver poem "White Owl Flies Into and Out of the Field". The poem (like most by Mary Oliver) struck me. My thoughts about our place in nature, and what happens when our brief time here ends where perfectly surmised. The verse that I included was what tickled me most- as it appeared I was illustrating a poem I didn't yet know existed.

and then it rose, gracefully,
and flew back to the frozen marshes,
to lurk there,
like a little lighthouse,
in the blue shadows —

The original is a five color print, made from a wood cut, several linoleum carvings, and hand-set metal type.

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