My new series of monotypes are one-of-a-kind prints. They start with me laying ink directly on the paper with a brayer. Once the background is dry, I start layering up different shapes and textures by hand-inking blocks, letterpress cuts, and pieces of wood, the use my hand instead of a press to transfer the ink to paper, an imperfect method that creates interesting textures I wouldn't get on the press. This technique also allows me to work quickly and react to what I've just laid down, vs planning every last detail ahead of time (like I do for my regular linoleum blocks).

For the final layers, I return to the press to print carved linoleum blocks or metal type on top of the unique print I've created. Each one takes a tremendous amount of time, but they are really fun to make! I think of them as a cross between a painting and a print.

***If you are interested in purchasing a monotype, please email me directly [hello (at)]. Because they are truly one of a kind, I don't want to risk selling one at a show while someone is also buying the same print online!***

Please Note: At the moment, all monotypes are flush mounted to mat board, and framed in an 18x24" frame. Price includes shipping to the lower 48 US states.