American Crow • Archival inkjet REPRODUCTION

This is a REPRODUCTION of my original American Crow print (see description below). All reproductions are made with archival inks and paper, from a high-quality scan.


Paper measures 11" x 14"
Printed on 100lb paper (acid-free)  paper

Crows are one of the most fascinating and misunderstood birds around, and I love seeing them in my neighborhood. Although I probably hear them more than I see them. I often wonder what they are saying to each other. It sounds like noise to us, but I suspect they have a complex language. Perhaps it's time to give the term "bird brain" a new meaning?

I used some wacky typesetting to create the egg-shaped cloud of letters. Amongst the swirl of random letters is text that reads:

Your inability to understand me is not a measure of MY intelligence
and Wtf is ca-caw?

This 3 color print was made from a 2 linoleum cuts, a wood cut, and hand-set metal type. The feather details are a shimmery metallic silver ink, and the woodgrain background circle is a cool bubble gum pink.

Just a note about the metal type- I used discarded type from our shop's Hell Box (a bin of spent type that eventually gets melted down and made into new type. Printers don't like to waste anything!). I really liked the idea of trying to use something that was essentially trash to create something beautiful. 

Another note- I read that there are a bunch of crows at a wildlife sanctuary that heard humans calling out ca-caw to them so much, that the crows started mimicking them. I have to wonder if they aren't just making fun of us!


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