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It Always Takes Longer Than I Think It Will

Chris Charles

Posted on February 12 2019

I was hoping this post was going to be all about my new print that is starting off my new series that is a on a new (and bigger) size of paper. Alas, it is still in the early stages and I don’t have much to show.

I’m used to things going wrong on press, or at least the set-up taking longer than I think it will (apparently I'm ever the optimist in this area), but hadn’t considered all of the logistics that need to happen so I could even begin. Everything from sourcing massive pieces of paper and finding someone to cut it down for me, to buying bins large enough to store said paper, to finding a place to let the prints dry as I print each color.

In the meantime though, I was able to finish up the re-printing of my Monkeys print. I was even able to share the process with some members of the Print Club of Rochester as part of a demo I did this past Sunday. I’m really excited to have this print available again in letterpress form!

So for now, I am continuing to work on sketching and carving, plotting and scheming, and waiting for the freight delivery of my precious paper. Stay tuned…


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  • Robert: June 03, 2020

    Hello I purshased one of these posters at a near by goodwill and it say 16/130 Monkeys and seems to have a name of Chris Charles 2015 all in pencil at the bottom. I was wondering if it was worth anything? I’m not looking to sell so please let me know something about this thank you.

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