Book Bunny Linocut Fine Art Print


Book Bunny is inspired by the two rabbits I used to have- Suki, who I adopted when I lived in California (who flew to Rochester when I moved back home), and later George the Deaf Bunny, who was a rescue from a local shelter. Both of them were wonderful pets- funny, friendly, litter box trained and all. 

One day, however, I came home to find several of the books on the bottom shelf had big chunks missing from their bindings! I'm not sure which one was the culprit (or maybe they were in on it together?), but I'd like to think they were just trying to get it off the shelf to get a closer look inside :)

This one color print was run through the press twice to achieve the rich black ink coverage. Image area is 5x7, and will fit perfectly in a standard mat &/or frame.

Print Size: 6X8
Printed on 100lb Mohawk Superfine White Eggshell
Variable Edition of 60

As with all hand printed items, variations in color and texture may occur.

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