Eastern Bluebird Fine Art Linoleum Block Print

Behold the bluebird of happiness on a nice sunny background! I know there are folks who get these gorgeous birds every year, but I've only been able to see them once, while walking my dog on a path along the Erie Canal. Every spring I look for them in the same spot- I know once of these days they'll appear again!

This five color print on lush, 100% cotton paper was created from one wood block for the background, and two linoleum blocks for the bird. Each lino block being a reduction cut of two colors. Reduction cuts are made by carving into the same piece of linoleum, thereby destroying the block as it is printed. That means there is no going back and reprinting the image!
Easily fits into an 8” x 10” mat or frame.

Print measures 8" wide x 10" tall
Printed on Rives BFK white paper (acid-free), a premium 100% cotton fine-art printmaking paper
Limited Edition of 130

As with all hand printed items, variations in color and texture may occur.

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