Northern Cardinal fine art linoleum block letterpress print

I couldn't resist doing a version of this classic bird. Their bold color is always exciting to see, no matter how common cardinals are. I feel lucky, as I've had a pair or two nesting in or near my yard for years. These days I usually spot them at the feeder early in the morning, and late in the day, before all the pesky sparrows show up!

As with some of my other prints, I decided to experiment with color a bit, so although the majority are printed with a golden yellow background, I couldn't resist trying a lime green, warm gray, and leaving some blank (for the purists out there). 

This four color print on lush, 100% cotton paper was created from a woodcut and a 3 color linoleum reduction cut. Reduction cuts are made by carving into the same block, thereby destroying the block as it is printed. That means there is no going back and reprinting the image! Easily fits into an 8” x 10” mat or frame. 


Print measures 8" wide x 10" tall
Printed on Rives BFK white paper (acid-free), a premium 100% cotton fine-art printmaking paper
Golden Yellow Background: Limited Edition of 275
Lime Green Background: Limited Edition of 10 • SOLD OUT
Warm Gray Background: Limited Edition of 10 • SOLD OUT
No Background Color: Limited Edition of 10

As with all hand printed items, variations in color and texture may occur.

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